Savage Gear Caviar Spinners

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Savage Gear

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The Savage Gear spinners are truly unique in quality and design.

Savage Gear have innovated on a very traditional lurere type in a remarkable way. The Caviar spinners have a build in offset tungsten ball in the fish egg imitating body – giving unparalleled casting distance and a true “Non-kink” function. The grade A stainless steel blade has been perfected in shape, after thousands of hours of test – to give perfect rotation in both rivers and streams as well as still water – even at slow speed and immediately as the spinner hits the water.

Each spinner is tank-tested and is an individual piece of Jewellery, constructed by high quality components and equipped with Customized Japanese Treble hooks.

Superb for Trout, Salmon and most Predators out there.

  • Long cast Tungsten body
  • True Non-Kink construction
  • Forged stainless steel split rings
  • Customized Japanese Treble hook
  • Immediate rotation
40958 6g Copper
40959 6g Gold
40960 6g Fluo Orange & Silver
40961 6g Firetiger
42309 6g Fluo Orange
42310 6g Fluo Yellow / Chartreuse
42311 6g Fluo Pink
40963 9,5g Copper
40964 9,5g Gold
40965 9,5g Fluo Orange & Silver
40966 9,5g Firetiger
42312 9,5g Fluo Orange
42313 9,5g Fluo Yellow / Chartreuse
42314 9,5g Fluo Pink
50738 9,5g Copper / Silver
50739 9,5g Silver / Cobber
40968 14g Copper
40969 14g Gold
40970 14g Fluo Orange & Silver
40971 14g Firetiger
42315 14g Fluo Orange
42316 14g Fluo Yellow / Chartreuse
42317 14g Fluo Pink
50740 14g Copper / Silver
50741 14g Silver / Copper
43625 18g Copper
43626 18g Fluo Orange & Silver
43627 18g Firetiger
43628 18g Fluo Orange
43629 18g Yellow / Chartreuse

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Additional Information

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