River Eden – Warwick Bridge

Eden Flora

Its been a good few weeks, maybe even a couple of months since I have been out and cast a line. The beginning of the year has been filled with winter colds and shows – a great combination if i do not say so myself. I ventured up to the Eden this week and fished a beat near Warwick Bridge. I have an absolute love for the Eden and was especially excited about this particular stretch.

Eden FloraConditions on route felt good, a warmer day than we’ve seen from the past few days. We had seen rain on the days leading up to the visit but I remained optimistic that the river wasn’t blown out and thankfully is wasn’t. The river was running about a foot higher that normal and was ‘clear’ which gave both my friend and I the confidence that this was going to hopefully be a good day.

Arriving on the beat, i was instantly greeted by a very accommodating fisherman’s hut with a tree in full spring bloom – a great way to start a day.

I had spent the run up to the day tying up some of my favourite heavy weight spiders, mainly for the Sea Trout. I’ve had success on these whilst fishing the Welsh Dee so I was particularly interested to see if the flies were transferable to this river.

If you are interested, the fly tying materials used to tie the spiders are quite simple:

Hook: Partridge G3AL Heavy Wet, #12
Hackle: Game Hackle, I use Partridge or Grouse
Body: Anything i can get my hands on from bright tinsels (flat and oval) to flat braids etc.
Thorax: I tend to add a little something behind the hackle, Hends Micro Flash works well.

Through the first half of the day, a couple of fish came and all on the middle dropper (A blue body version of the fly) giving me the confidence that what i was doing was the right thing. Typically, lunch time always comes sooner than you think and whilst walking back to the hut for lunch, a number of fish were confidently taking from the surface – the wrong time to stop i guess.


One of the many wild Eden Brown’s – A very aggressive fish and great sport!


The afternoon session was very much the same as the morning, re-working some of the glides we previously cast a fly across, the fish continued to come. Strangely this time everything came on the point fly, a gold bodied version of the spiders. I guess it must have resembled something after the afternoon rise.

River Eden Eden Trout

We eventually wrapped up on the water at 4.30pm, there was a notable (very cold) easterly wind that came across the River which pretty much made everything drop

River Eden – Warwick Bridge
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