River Dee Llangollen Fly Fishing 30th April

River Dee - LlangollenI’m lucky enough to live within an hour from the Welsh Dee. The Dee, a river that is underrated by many but adored by me. I’m in three clubs along the Dee that combined give me access to around 15 miles of prime fishing. This weeks trip was on the Llangollen and Maelor beat, starting on the upper beat at the ‘Top Pool’ and working our way down river to the ‘Horse Shoe Falls’.

Tackle & Flies

9’6 Scott A2 5 line, floating line with a 12 foot leader with a team of three heavy dressed spider patterns.

The flies I fish are not what you would call conventional spiders, they tied on a heavy wire hook and are heavily dressed. Over the past year or two I  have had huge amounts of success with them. The idea behind the flies was not something i came up with myself BUT borrowed from a good friend, Karl Humphies.

The general materials used for tying these flies are:
Partridge Heavy Wet, #12
Game Hackle of choice, i prefer Grouse Wing Coverts
Hends Tinsel
Hends Ice Dub

You can view and purchase these materials in our shop

Arriving at the waters edge filled me with complete joy – the conditions were absolutely perfect

Channels BeatWe arrived at the waters edge at 9.30am and walked up River until we eventually arrived at the top pool. I generally sit for 5 minutes and take into account whats happening around me. There was the smallest of hatches already in progress and i could see fish moving on the seams. I tackled up, adding a Rainbow style spider to the point, a green butted spider to the middle dropper and a peacock spider on the top dropper.

Carefully wading it, casting across the current and swinging them around I was instantly into a fish, it was that eureka moment knowing that my choice in flies paid off… first fish, a wee scrappy smolt giving it the all!

River Dee GraylingSuccess…

Gradually working our way down River, the fish thankfully kept coming. A few Salmon Parr, more Smolts and a good amount of Grayling. Sadly though, the Brown Trout remained allusive.

To be honest, it didn’t matter that no browns came. It was just great to see a good head of Grayling as well as the Parr and Smolts. Hopefully fish for the future.

There is something very special about this beat of the Dee, there is plenty of fawn and flora as well as some nice pulls on the line.

Until our next outing…



River Dee Llangollen Fly Fishing 30th April
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