Regal Vice Delivery – October 2017

At long last our delivery of Regal Vices has landed after a near 18 week wait. Regal had unfortunately ran out of Stainless Jaws which in turn caused the delay. No matter, we have them now.

What Regal Vices do you have instock?

Well my fellow fisher-person’s, we have them all! Starting with the flag ship of the range, the Regal Revolution ‘Blue’ on either bronze pocket or traditional base. Honestly, this vice is very special and for those of our customers who own one, we know that they absolutely love them. Simply stunning…

Revolution Blue

We now also have full coverage of the Regal Medallion Game range, these are available on either a c-clamp, traditional base, bronze pocket base or travel base. Again, a seriously cool vice for those tying big flies for Pike, Musky and so on.

Medallion Game

It addition, the old favourites are also in stock from the Traditional or Midge Medallion vices to the new custom colour Stainless Medallions

You can see our range in our shop or online here:

For newcomers to this range of vices. You may feel that the price is high but when you see one in the flesh, you realise very quickly that the craftsmanship that has gone into the manufacture is second to none. They are extremely sturdy, they are supplied with a great warranty and will last you a life time.

I have personally owned a Revolution for the past 6 years, its kept clean, the metal is wiped down with GT85 or WD40 and occasionally the brass gets a wee polish. I do this to prevent the sweat from our hands causing any corrosion long term.

Regal Vice Delivery – October 2017
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