What Are Cookies?

A “cookie” is a very small piece of information, similar to a tag, which is stored on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone when you visit a website.

They are used by almost every website in some form, including the Fly Tying Company website. To ensure you can use the our website without any issues, you’ll need to ensure cookies are enabled on the web browser for any device you use.

What are cookies used for?

We use cookies on the site to help us provide you a better online experience, set personal preferences on our site, protect your security, use the online shopping features and checkout or to measure and improve our service. For instance, if you are shopping the Sportfish website and have added an item to your shopping basket, a cookie will ensure this item stays in your basket when you move around the site, add further items to your basket, and ultimately checkout.

What information is kept by a cookie & how long are they stored?

Typically a cookie will hold very basic information:

  • The website name it has come from

  • How long the cookie will remain on your device

  • A form of randomly generated value

Cookies are split into two types. Session cookies – which last until you close your browser and are not stored on your devices storage media. These are used to track the pages that you visit on the site so that we can improve user experience and customise your visit. Persistent cookies – which are stored on your hard drive until you delete browsing history or they reach their expiry date. These are used to remember site preferences and/or to use functionality such as the checkout.

Do cookies affect my privacy?

We use your personal information very carefully – the security and safety of this is extremely important to us. To find out more information on how we collect and use your data, please review our privacy policy.

Cookies do not contain specific personal information, so you can visit our website without revealing any personal information to us. However, we may ask you for personal information so that you can purchase an item from our online shop or for security reasons relating to your customer account.

How do I manage cookies on my computer or device?

You may choose to accept or refuse cookies, but it’s recommended that you accept them to get the best from a website and can use all the functionality. Some cookies are essential for areas of this website to function. Most computers or devices will accept them automatically, but you can change your browser's settings to restrict, block or delete cookies. In addition, most advertising networks offer you a way to opt out of targeted advertising. You can find our more by visiting www.aboutads.info/choices or www.youronlinechoices.eu.

All browsers are different, so you can check the “help” area of your specific browser for more information, we have listed information on how to set and customise settings for some of the major browsers below:

If you wish to manage cookies on your mobile phone or similar device, then please consult your manual or handbook.

What happens if I don’t accept or I delete my cookies?

If you choose to block cookies, some areas of the Fly Tying Company website may not work and you may not be able to access some of the areas of the website that you want. You will also be unable to shop online with us. For this reason we recommend you ensure cookies stay enabled.

If you delete your cookies, you will have to re-save or update any preferences with us again.

Third Party Cookies

We use 3rd party cookies to help us:

  • Collect statistics about the website, so that we can improve it

  • Ensure you see content and offers that are relevant to you

  • Our site, like most websites, includes functionality provided by third parties. A common example is an embedded YouTube video.

Advertising and Remarketing

Cookies also help us track where you have come from, allowing us to reward companies for referring customers to us. You may also see our adverts or banners on other websites, cookies can tell us how effective these are.

Third-party vendors, such as Google, use cookies to serve advertisements based on someone’s past visits to the Sportfish website. Any data collected is used in accordance with our own privacy policy and their privacy policy.

  • This website uses the Google AdWords advertising and remarketing service to advertise on third party websites (including Google) to previous visitors to our site. This could mean that we advertise to previous visitors who haven’t completed a task on our site, for example using the contact form to make an enquiry. This could be in the form of an advertisement on the Google search results page, or a site in the Google Display Network. You can set preferences for how Google advertises to you using the Google Ad Preferences page.

  • This website uses the Nosto service. The purpose of the service is to display personalised product recommendations on-site, in emails and other mediums which make the shopping experience easier, more personal and enjoyable. You can find out more about how AdRoll Group advertises to you by viewing the Nosto Privacy Policy.

  • This website uses the AdRoll Group service to provide targeted advertising and remarketing services. This helps show ads to the people that are most likely to find them interesting. We aim to make advertising more useful and relevant to consumers by showing ads that are best tied to their specific interests. You can find out more about how AdRoll Group advertises to you by viewing the AdRoll Privacy Policy.

  • This website also uses the Facebook advertising and remarketing service to understand and deliver ads that are more relevant to you. We may also use this service to learn whether someone who saw an ad on Facebook later visited our website. You can find out more and set preferences for how Facebook advertises to you using the Facebook Ad Preferences page.

You can find out more information on how to opt-out of the collection and use of information for ad targeting using one of the following:




These cookies by themselves cannot be used to find out your identity – it is simply anonymous information and no personal data is passed to us.

If you would like to find out more about cookies in general, how they work and how to manage them on your device, then visit aboutcookies.org.

Cookies on our website




The cookie is set by CloudFare. The cookie is used to identify individual clients behind a shared IP address and apply security settings on a per-client basis. It does not correspond to any user ID in the web application and does not store any personally identifiable information.


We use this cookie to distinguish users and sessions to see how many people visit our website. The cookie is created when you first visit the website and if no __utma cookies exists.


We use this cookie to determine and count sessions/visits. This is for individual visits to our site and may include different areas of the site. If you do nothing for 30 minutes or more, this is deleted and a new one is set when you return.


This is an old cookie and we no longer use this. You can delete but there is no risk in leaving it.


We use this cookie to record how people arrive at the website, for example from an email, another website or an advertising campaign. We use this information to measure effectiveness and also improve areas of our website and navigation to give you a better experience.


Used to enable you to easily share information from our site to your social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter


The association with your shopping cart.


Stores the category info on the page, that allows to display pages more quickly.


Your preferred currency


An encrypted version of your customer id with the store.


An indicator if you are currently logged into the store.


An encrypted version of the customer group you belong to.


Stores the Customer Segment ID


A flag, which indicates whether caching is disabled or not.


Your session ID on the server.


Allows guests to edit their orders.


Indicates whether it is allowed to use cache.


A link to information about your cart and viewing history if you have asked the site.


Information on products you have emailed to friends.


An encrypted list of products added to your Wishlist.


The number of items in your Wishlist.

Last updated 1st January 2020