New Fly Tying Materials

Fly Tying Materials

Welcome to The Fly Tying Company – A family run business based in North Staffordshire. We supply fly tying materials, tools and accessories to fly-fishers across the globe. Priding ourselves on a great choice of range that is always increasing, leading material manufacturers and exceptional service.Although our core business is the supply of materials, we have also started to branch out into other area's of fly fishing and now carry a line of Marryat fly rods, leaders, tippets, running lines and terminal tackle from leading manufacturers.

Wapsi Fly

One of the latest editions to The Fly Tying Company material range. Wapsi Fly have been in business for over 75 years and offer a complete line of materials. We’re proud to have such a wonderful supplier as a line within our shop. We are currently stocking a number of their synthetic and natural materials and the range of materials continues to grow. Wapsi materials are known for their quality so you can be rest assured that you are buying a product that will meet your expectations.

See the range: Wapsi Fly Tying Materials

Hends Products

If you have never come across Hends then we would strongly suggest that you take the time to look through the range. Hends, a Czech based material manufacturer supply the highest of quality fly tying materials. They supply some truly unique materials including the popular body quills, zonker strips, fritz and deer hair patches. Of late, Hends have also commissioned a range of Japanese manufactured hooks and typically in the fashion of Hends, the quality is fantastic.

See the range: Hends Fly Tying Materials

Partridge Hooks 

Partridge of Redditch have been innovators and market leaders in the manufacture of fly tying hooks since the late 1800's. Through the decades the company has been owned by both large and small businesses but today, is owned and operated by Fishing Matters Ltd. Albeit the hooks are not produced in England, their quality continues to be up there with the best, their innovative approach and drive to succeed still remains. Partridge have a fantastic range of hooks to cover all forms of fly-fishing, including a new range of Classic Wet and Dry Hooks, New Salmon Hooks and a range of Classic Spider Hooks that are perfect for those traditional North Country Patterns.

See the range: Partridge Hooks

 Daiichi Hooks

The newest addition to our portfolio. Daiichi, a New York based company has its manufacturing base in Japan offer a range of high quality fly tying hooks suitable for all types of fly fishing. They often state that they produce the finest, sharpest hooks in the world, a bold statement but one which has never been challenged; a testiment to their quality.

See the range: Daiichi Hooks